The last International meeting of WPC in 2021 with the presence of Mrs.Kathy Corey .
The following year is named” The Year of Pilates – Recovery and Health ” .
” Pilates & Specific Disease “.
This meeting was held on with 63 participants from 40 countries.
The agenda of the meeting was held on as following:
First : the presentation by the announcer of the meeting .
Second : Kathy Corey ‘s speech about the confederation, WPC membership , Pilates for breast cancer recovery and also the program of 2021.
Third: The speech of Reiner Grootnhuis about the resistance of reformer wheal Spring and different towards .
Forth : International Public Relations speaker talked about WPC membership, its goals and also benefits.
Fifth : Klajnscek’s speech about Gestalt theory and pilates.
The last was Iman Mottaghiannejad’s speech .He thanked the President of the World Pilates Confederation and also all those participated .The meeting ended by taking a memorial photo .The certificate of presence will be designed

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