Maryam Derakhshcheshm

Maryam is a professional and expert Certified Pilates Master Instructor in Iran, she
is also Certified instructor of Suspension Trainings, Physical Fitness and Waters
Sport. She has been practicing Pilates for 18 years.

Master degree of psychology
Master degree of sports management

Educational Courses:
– Physical Fitness Course, Grade II, 2012
– Pilates coach Retraining Course by Nina Kenda & Katea Kodela, 2014
– Physical Fitness Course, Grade III, 2014
– Pilates Referee Course, 2016
– Pilates Coach Course, Grade II, 2017
– Pilates Workshop (Elastic Band, Ball, Ring) by Tamara, MK Pilates, 2017
– Elementary Pilates Machine Course by Ilham Aouad, 2018
– Pilates Master Instructor Course, 2018
– Suspension Training Course, 2018
– Sport Nutrition Course, 2018
– Body Building Instructor Course, 2018
– Aqua Pilates Course, 2018
– Aqua Sports Course, Grade III, 2019

Professional Conference and Seminars:
– Professional Pilates Seminar, 2016, By Dr. Jang, APA
– International Congress of Sport for All “The Past Achievements and Future Plans”,
TAFISA, 2017
– Professional Pilates Seminar, 2017 by Fuzy Gabor, Tamara, Barbara Janino, Laura
Rapuzzi, 2017, MK Pilates
– Professional Pilates Seminar by Malcom, Tamara, 2018, MK Pilates, Kathy Corey
– Advanced Physical Fitness Seminar, 2019
– International Pilates Congress; Small equipment, Pilates Machine, Sport Psychology,
2019, by Fabrice Lamego

The vice president of Iran Pilates association
The board members of the educational Pilates committee
Pilates coach course, grade 1
Had been participated in Pilates Heritage in 2022