Glaucia Adriana

She was first certified through BASI, Body Arts and Science International®, by founder Rael Isacowitz more than 15 years ago. Throughout the years, Glaucia has studied with numerous trainers seeking out the best and the brightest among them In 2003, she became certified in the GYROTONIC® Method by creator Juliu Horvath. Throughout these years she has been constantly updating with several Master Trainers, among them Victoria Lim of California, Rita Renha Master trainer who introduced the technique in Brazil, and Paul Horvath of Germany, among others. In 2011, she resumed her studies in GYROKINESIS® with the Master Trainer Sebastian Plettenberg in NY. In 2012 she also completed the certification course in Vayu Aerial / Aerial Core, with Anna Prada educator, introducing the technique in Brazil.