Felix Heinrichs

Joined the SPD in March 2003 2005-2020 Member of the local board of München Gladbach Mitte, later München Gladbach Nord 2006-2020 Member of the Board of Directors of SPD MG Region 2009-2014 President of the local association MG-Mitte, since 2011 then the local association MG-Nord 2014-2020 Deputy Chairman of MG-Nord Local Association 2014-2020 Head of the SPD faction in Mönchengladbach City Council 2014-2018 Member of the State Executive Committee of the SPD Niederrhein 2018 NRWSPD State Board Member Mission 2009-2014 informed citizen in the school and education committee 2013-2014 representative of MG North region 2014-2020 Mönchengladbach city council and member of the following board 2020 Lord Mayor of Mönchengladbach (takes office on November 1, 2020)