Claudia Holtmanns

Claudia Holtmanns is a Pilates teacher since 2004, educated and certified by Juliana Afram and Polestar Pilates.

She opened her own studio in 2007.

In January 2009 she heard about the PMMP and tried to find a way to attend. As a single mother with her own studio, she had no chance to travel to Florida 2 times a year. So she contacted Lolita, asking if there will ever be a PMMP in Germany. When Lolita realized, that Claudia lives close to Mönchengladbach, she agreed – provided that Claudia is organizing the PMMP and that she finds a location for celebrating the Pilates Day.

They started 3 months later the first session. Same year Lolita and Claudia also started the Pilates Day in Mönchengladbach – the very beginning of the Pilates conference in the hometown of Joe Pilates.

Claudia is a 2nd generation teacher, graduated in 2010.