Ciril Klajnscek


Family name: KLAJNSCEK

Born: 26.3.1953 in Murska Sobota (Slovenia)

Residence: Rimska 10, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

Father of 4 children



  • professor of Sociology
  • professional with wide interdisciplinary knowledge and broad experience – expert in the field of sociology, organization and system theory, group dynamics, teamwork, disease prevention, health education and health promotion, health enhancing physical activity, philosophy, sport psychology, Gestalt (concentration) therapy and coaching
  • dedicated to research and development of karate and related martial arts
  • author of dozens of professional articles in the fields above
  • currently preparing a handbook in which I combine Gestalt coaching and Contrology/Pilates


  • Rehabilitation institute SOCA, Ljubljana (head of professional rehabilitation development)
  • Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development (health system consultant)
  • Ministry of Health of R. Slovenia (adviser to the minister)
  • Slovenian Red Cross (program manager for health and aging)



  • trained gymnastic until the age of 18
  • have been practicing karate since 1972
  • head coach of Karate club Ljubljana 1985- 2005
  • karate black belt holder 8. dan
  • Kyushu jitsu black belt holder 3. Dan
  • Hapkido black belt holder 1. dan
  • Chef instructor for Civil kyushu self defense
  • Combat jitsu instructor
  • Instructor of pilates
  • the most successful Slovenian karate coach with countless created national champions
  • in the period from the independence of Slovenia onwards, his students and national team won many medals at Mediterranean, European and World championships, and intern. tournaments
  • organizer and professional leader of dozens of international karate camps
  • national karate head coach in period of 1992-1995, 2006-2007, 2017-2018
  • president of Karate Federation of Slovenia 1996-2001
  • member of National Olympic Committee since 1996-2001
  • organizer of European Junior Championships in Celje 2000
  • organizer of the Seminar on tactics for non-European countries in Celje 2000
  • European Karate Federation auditor 2000/2001
  • EKF Directing Committee member 2002-2005
  • Mediterranean Karate Union Directing Committee member 2001-2005
  • founder of national Karate coaching education program
  • IOC diploma holder for 30 years of successful voluntary work in karate
  • 45 years experiences in the field of coaching
  • the author of original Gestalt approach to coaching
  • teaching Gestalt coaching in karate and related martial arts worldwide
  • Head of the coaching department of European Kyushu Academy
  • Board of master’s member of the World Combat Jitsu Federation
  • Training committee member of the International Yong Won Association
  • currently preparing a handbook in which I combine Gestalt coaching and Contrology/Pilates