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world pilates confederation

World Pilates Confederation is one of the original founding of the Pilates Method which is founded in 2012. Devoted to quality education and the highest standards, World Pilates Confederation is recognized internationally as a leader in the Pilates community. Our teachers are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of Joseph and Clara Pilates work and realize that the study of the work is a life long process.

Kathy Corey has  accepted the position of President of the World Pilates Confederation.


The WPC is a European based Pilates organization for the inclusion and support of the Pilates Method of all countries, all schools and all generations of pilates. The purpose of the organization is to promote quality education and promote global unity. Master Teacher Kathy Corey received the honor of becoming the President and Director of the International Pilates Heritage Congress held in Joseph Pilates hometown, Monchengladbach, Germany, which is known as the most prestigious International Pilates Congress in the world.

Whether you are looking for a certification program, basic training, continuing education workshops, or a Pilates program at home, World Pilates Confederation can meet your needs. We specialize in personalized packages for every level of fitness. We believe in Pilates and will work with you to make you a believer too.

World Pilates Confederation is a leader in educating teachers in the art and science of Pilates. The sum total of this experience has created a program that is unsurpassed by any other. There is no substitute for experience.

World Pilates Confederation provides thorough, all-inclusive training programs for every stage of your training. From the thorough understanding of the basics of Pilates to certification and advanced training workshops, we offer a full range of educational packages.

• oriented around the development of pilates.
• Including advanced pilates activities.
• members must run by the olympics committee of their country,and after they send the requiered documents they can become members of world pilates confederation.
• Annuall budget approval for confederation used for sport and sientific activities.
• Pilates is based on the same manners and principles of all sports.

• To encourage young generations and different crowds in all countries for health and well_being and to provide opportunities for them to participate in regular fundamental pilates activities.
• Promoting the advent sport of pilates amongst countries.
• Familiarizing trainers from all countries to new methods of pilates by holding edjucational seminars and classes in different countries.
• Publishing new books about pilates.
• Planning towards forming pilates subset sports ( pilates in water, pilates for kids, pilates during pregnancy, pilates for martial arts, pilates for ballet, pilates therapy, pilates for specific diseases.
• Special meetings amongst diffrent countries.
• Membership of diffrent countries in world pilates confederation.
• To promote peace amongst countries through pilates.
• To motivate families to have physical activities.
• Holding fun and amusing family pilates.

Duties of world pilates confederation
• Holding edjucational classes throughout diffrent countries.
• Supervising the development of the practical sport of pilates.
• Holding the annual meetings of member countries.
• Holding ejucational and briefing classes to improve training amongst the member countries.
• supporting publishers, translators and authors of books on pilates.
• creating reports on recent decisions made by international communities and congresses.
• Creating an informing and edjucating website.
• Designe and productionof annual calendar.
• Forming diffrent international committees in world pilates confederations.
• Providing the bookgrounds for motivating ,celebrating and thanking the financial and spiritual supporters.
• Sientific researches on sports.
• If nessesary participation in sport fairs.
• Administrating ,supervising, elevating the performance of the member countries.
• Supporting active trainers.
• Encouraging families to participate in pilates classes.

Rankings of world pilates confederation
• General assembly
• Board of directors (Five to nine people chosen by managing director)
• Managing Director (technical and resourceful individual with experience in athlethic and managerial feilds)
• Technical vice chairman ( chosen by managing director)
• Vice chairman of administration( chosen by managing director)
• Secretary( chosen by managing director)
• Meeting secretary( chosen by managing director, vice chairman and secretary)
• International relations ( chosen by secretary)
• Consultants(chosen by board of directors, managing director, vice chairman and secretary)
• financial manager( chosen by board of directors and managing director)
It is noteworthy that after the first general assembly managing director for the next four years will be chosen and he or she can start their activities.