Nagi Takahashi

Acquired DK Body Pilates (Nevada State University official Pilates qualification) in Las Vegas in 2006.
After working as an instructor and training course teacher at BASI Pilates Studio for 6 years, he became independent in 2013. He mainly works in his own studio “Pilates Studio Rebirth”. In 2011, he became the first Asian to appear on the popular Pilates lesson video distribution site “Pilates Anytime” in the United States. Taking advantage of his strong English ability, he is also doing activities to convey the situation of Pilates in the United States to Japan.
In 2013 he gave a seminar as a lecturer at Japan’s largest fitness festival. In 2015, he was invited to a Pilates conference held in South Korea as a lecturer representing Japan, and held the seminar again the following year.
In 2016 and 2017, she was invited directly by Master Pilates Teacher Cathy Corrie to participate in her first Mentor Training Program. He is known in America and Europe as an instructor in Japan who has a reputation for the beauty of movement as Kathy’s workshop and demonstration as an assistant.
He will be the first Japanese to be featured in the January/February 2019 issue of the American Pilates magazine “pilatesstyle®”.

・Monthly NEXT Instructor of the Year Judge Special 2014 Award
・Cirque du Soleil “OVO” “TOTEM” “KURIOS” Pilates Trainer
・Kathy Corey Pilates First Generation Teacher
・Korea Pilates in Asia Presenter
・Pilates Anytime Visiting Instructor
・PMA Certified Instructor (PMA-CPT®)
・BASI Pilates Comprehensive Course Certified Instructor
・DK Body Certified Instructor
・Balanced Body MOTR® (Core Fitness Roller) Master Trainer
・Kathy Corey CORE BAND® Master Teacher